MRS Comprehensive Services

Millville Rescue Squad / Medical Response Services has been providing
emergency and non-emergency transportation for more than 46 years.
We provide a comprehensive list of transportation services.

MRS transportation services include the following:

Medi-Van Transportation
Provided to ambulatory patients who need and qualify for transportation and do not have special needs.

Wheelchair Van Transportation
For stable patients who require wheelchair service or assistance during transit. This service delivers portal-to-portal assistance and is provided by a certified MAVT (Mobility Assistance Vehicle Technician) driver.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation
Ambulance service to non-ambulatory patients. These transports are defined as non life-threatening and/or non-emergency medical treatment. Transport is provided by two New Jersey Certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

Emergency Ambulance Transportation
Immediate ambulance transportation to any patient categorized as an immediate life threat. This transport is provided by two New Jersey Certified Emergency Medical Technicians with a possible MICU Paramedic Intercept Unit.

Specialty Care Transportation
The Specialty Care Transport Team provides skilled personnel to accompany critically ill and compromised patients during transport. Each team consists of an experienced Critical Care Nurse with additional training in transport medicine, and a New Jersey certified Emergency Medical Technician. This team remains flexible and sensitive to the diverse needs of both the adult and pediatric patients they serve.

In concert with basic life support ambulance crew, the Specialty Care Transport Team will provide the advanced life support resources required to actuate a safe, efficient transfer of the patient.

Upon referral to the Dispatch Center, all arrangements will be made to facilitate the patient transfer. Once the Specialty Care Transport Team arrives, a patient report will be obtained from the primary nurse to facilitate the continuum of care. During the transfer, the patient will be continually monitored and treatment will be provided, as needed.

Treatment rendered will be guided by the transferring physician’s orders for transfer, medical protocols of the Specialty Care Transport Unit (NJAC 8:41), and, if necessary, direct physician direction from the designated medical command physician.

Millville Rescue Squad’s Specialty Care Transport Unit meets or exceeds the standards of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and implements a quality improvement program consistent with that of the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The competencies and medical protocols are available for review. Specialty Care Transport members are willing to meet with you and your staff to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.