Safety Programs

Millville Rescue Squad / Medical Response Services places the health and safety
of all patients, employees, and property as its highest priority.

Current programs and initiatives in the areas of health and safety include:
  • Physical examinations for all new employees to determine whether they are physically qualified to perform the job's essential functions.
  • Back Injury Prevention Program
  • New Hire Safety Training including Bloodborne Pathogen and Hazardous Communication Training.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Program, annual winter flue shots, and annual TB testing.
  • Respirator fit testing.
  • Personal Protective Equiptment Program containing training, proper use, etc.
  • Field Training Programs for all EMTs and MAVs utilizing field training personnel to ensure safe operational techniques by all employees.
  • Accident Reduction Program implementing investigation, discipline, documentation, modified duty, etc.
  • Implementation of a Safety Committee to make reccomendations on safety improvements, serving as a conduit for safety problems and concerns, and creating a forum to develop new safety initiatives.
  • Maintenance and posting of OSHA logs and accident and injury rates.
  • Driver's Training Program, which includes a pre-hire behind the wheel observation, a training class with associated certification entitled Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator, and a new initiative developed through Volunteer Fire Insurance Service entitled Operation Safe Arrivial, aimed at intersection safety during emergency response conditions.
  • Preventative Maintenance Program performed on all vehicles to prevent any breakdowns and safety problems before they occur.
  • Installation of video cameras in transport vehicles to determine driver safety and used for training, documentation and discplinary purposes.
  • Annual examination of motor vehicle reports on all drivers
  • A strict Garage Safety Program with fixed traffic directions, posted speed limits, and rules and regulations for entering and exiting the building.